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wanting new dlsr....which canon is the best?

I am wanting to buy a new Canon dlsr bundle package with 2 lenses, plus some accessories, but I was wondering which one is best?  I am looking for something for a new photography business.  Is the xti or the xsi better?



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Re: wanting new dlsr....which canon is the best?

Hi cindy4,

In my opinion the Canon XSI is superior to the Canon XTI. The XSI has a 12.2mp maximum resolution, while the XTI has a 10.1 maximum resolution. The Canon XSI has a 3 inch LCD, and the XTI has a 2.5 inch LCD.

You mentioned that the camera you purchased would be used for a photography business, and I would suggest looking into getting a Canon 50D, or a Canon 5D. The reason I suggest this is that when you are going to be using a camera everyday all day long durability is more important than any other attribute a camera can have. The Canon 50D and Canon 5D are considered prosumer level cameras, and have much of the same features that the XSI and the XTI have, but in a much sturdier package. These two cameras are substantially more money than the XSI or the XTI, but if you can afford it I would definitely consider getting one of them. I hope this helps out!

Thanks for posting,
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Re: wanting new dlsr....which canon is the best?

Allan is correct, the XSi is better than the XTi.

I bought the XTi last year(it was bundled with an extra lens at the time) and the XSi was more money and the options were "as necessary" so think bigger brother, better resolution(MP), and a few other things.


My ONLY complaint with my camera(the XTi) is that the viewfinder does not give a live picture, it is only for reviewing pictures, in order to have a live picture you needed the XSi(or D...) but the XSi was more money and as it was the XTi was $700 at the time....


The memory cards are different from the XTi to XSI as they are Compact Flash vs SD

for what I need a camera to do the XTi is perfect(I went to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas for my honeymoon and the pictures are crisp and clean and look gorgeous).


I think the XTi can be had no for around $400, while the XS is like $550 and XSi is ~$700

the 40 & 50D's are just a bit nicer....but not necessary unless you really are looking for a near pro user which case for the money I can direct to others Smiley Very Happy

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Re: wanting new dlsr....which canon is the best?

The "viewfinder" does give you a live image. You are thinking the LCD.