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recording class lectures.

looking for a device to record class lectures. lots recommendations for audio, such as digital recorders, but is there one that allows video as well ?  ideal records voice and snap shots of video, such as graphs and stuff drawn by lecturer. understand most laptops might work, but recording and vid issues. also cant access other stuff, i.e. books, at same time.. suggestions

 college student..

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Re: recording class lectures.

Hey Flyboy99,


welcome to the forums!


A audio recorder with video capability would ideal for those lectures, I totallly get that. With that being said, I have done some research on our website and it doesn't look like we have something to those exact details. The main thing that would do this is a camcorder but that is a bit much to set up for your lectures if the teacher even allows it. The most that I can find is just audio recorders. 


This may not be the answer your looking for I know, however there still may be something like this out there. Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

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Re: recording class lectures.

Get a laptop and a webcam


However, I would ask the instructors permission first before poping up a recoring device 


As far as your other comments about a laptop and not being able to access other sfuff while recording.


As someone who has done a lot of lecturs and presentations I personaly get very irritated with people when they are messing with their phones and laptops while I am speaking.


Just be cautious.


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Re: recording class lectures.

If they allow recording audio and video I'd consider just using a sports cam like a GoPro or one of the small Sony Action Cams.

You can get many mounting systems for these so it could be placed just about any place in the room if allowed and you'll also have remote access to it if you get one with WiFi if you like.