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need high quality camcorder with audio jack

i am a videographer for our church and the camcorder i'm using now is not good enough. the images are grainy and distorded at a distance (i'm taping from the balcony) and the audio sucks. we have an audio board next to me that i could plug into if necessary. the service is an hour and a half long, and i've been using minidv tapes. even on the best settings the quality stinks. what camcorders would you recommend?

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Re: need high quality camcorder with audio jack

What's your budget?


Canon HF series is likely your best bet - These are high definition camcorders with pretty good lowlight performance, and they all have microphone input jacks.


You may need an adapter or level converter to connect line-level outputs from your soundboard to the mic-level inputs.


Another option is to go to some of JVC, Panasonic, or Canon's pro-level gear.  These are going to be very expensive though.

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