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difference between dv and mini dv

I bought a camcorder that was a dvd camcorder thinking it would use full size dvd's however it ended up being small with the appearence of needing mini dvd's so i took it back, i want something that will record onto a dvd for longer than 1/2 hour, and is there really a difference between a dvd camcorder and a mini dv camcorder?
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Re: difference between dv and mini dv

Well the main difference is the techonolgy. The DVDs tape onto mini dvds where the mini dv is a tape. Depending on the tapes or mode you record in you can get up to 90 minutes. I would check out either the flash camcorder (which tape onto a memory card) or the harddrive camcoders that tape onto an internal hard drive. With the flash ones you can record up to 4 hours (8gb card) and with the hardrives you can tape up to 14 hours. The recording times are going to differ depending on the capactiy card or hard drive you get, but they are priced around the same and just a little bit more than the DVD camcorders.

In order for you to get the video onto dvd, there are really easy solutions for you. Check out things like the sony DVD direct system or the JVC sharestation. This basically allows you to attach the camcorder directly to the it and record to DVD. If you want to edit your video, these are very easy as well to get the video onto you computer. Just drag and drop like you would from a flashdrive or hard disc.