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can i use this memory card in a digital camera?

I have this memory card that I bought a year or two ago for a cell phone (LG Chocolate). 

I never used it but kept the memory card.


I'm thinking about getting a Samsung SL202 digital camera.

Will this memory card work in the camera?


I tried uploading a picture from my iphone, but it doesn't work.


All it says is SanDisk MicroSD to Adapter and has two other small parts with it.

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Re: can i use this memory card in a digital camera?

Typically, cell phones have MicroSD/MicroSDHC slots.


Most cameras have full-size SD/SDHC slots.  I'm assuming (not time to look it up) that the SL202 fits in this category.


If you place the MicroSD memory card into the adapter, it should work in the camera.


Beware that MicroSD cards tend to be slower than full-size SD cards, are 25-50% more expensive, and also some devices don't like MicroSD cards in adapters for some reason - while they work, they work SLOWLY.  (Some MicroSDs and my Dell's built-in reader just don't get along...)


Not sure what the iPhone has to do with anything, to my knowledge it does not support memory expansion of any sort.


Unless you REALLY need to be able to send pictures taken with the camera from your cell phone, I would reccommend just purchasing a full size SDHC card.  With many phones, the software is limited enough that doing such a thing isn't even possible despite the memory cards being compatible - a fullsize JPEG would choke the MMS system.

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Re: can i use this memory card in a digital camera?

No, the iPhone does not support any kind of memory expansion. The memory that's on the phone is what it is.
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