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Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

Last year I went to visit Salem, MA around Halloween. I’m a big fan of Hocus Pocus, so it was a life-long dream to visit around All Hallows Eve, and see the town in all its glory. However, I’m starting to think a ghost followed me home.


Normally, I’m not much for horror, but in October I’m all about scary movies. I left the lights on when watching The Haunting of Hill House because I know I’m a wimp in the dark. Halfway through an episode, the lights suddenly turned off on their own. This must just be in my head, there’s no such thing as ghosts, right? I turned the lights back on, along with a few more just to be safe. All seems well, but thirty-minutes later, I watch some of the lights turn off out of the corner of my eye. Normally I’d assume my boyfriend was pranking me, but he’s right next to me with no access to the lights.


As much as I try to push the thought out, I get the feeling that we’re not alone. I wrap myself in my heated blanket, and put in on high to fight off the chill that is tingling up my spine, but it doesn’t seem to help.


After that, weird things just kept occurring. I noticed since we got back from our trip, our cat has started to hiss randomly, and while he still likes to follow us from room to room, he would avoid the living room at all costs. Whenever I’d hear him hiss, I’d run over only to find him just hissing at air.


He slowly started to join us in the living room again, and after some time I chalked up my feelings of something being there to having just watched too many scary movies, and seeing things that weren’t there. However, a few months later, we got another cat because we wanted him to have a friend. Roo loves to be pet constantly, but unlike my other cat who still avoids the couch, he’ll run over to the couch and start purring up a storm as if someone I can’t see is petting him. Okay, weird, but doesn’t mean there’s a ghost camping out in my living room.


I was able to brush those off, but then I started to wake up a few times a week to our TV blaring in the other room, when I know I turned it off before heading to bed. As if that wasn’t weird enough, then I’d find my remote hidden in odd places like the microwave or closet when I’d try to turn the TV off again.


That’s when I knew something was up. Since most of this is occurring at the dark hours of the night, I got myself a Sony AX33 4K Flash Memory Camcorder, as it’s great for capturing clear images in all kinds of lighting. For four nights, I reviewed the footage in the morning, but everything seemed normal! I started to doubt that there was a ghost. On the fifth night, I was getting discouraged, but decided to give ghost hunting another chance. That’s when I saw her, in her colonial nightgown. She was so transparent it would have been easy to miss her, but once the TV turned on, I was certain it was her. A few moments later, I heard my oven open and something being put inside. That’s when I paused the footage to check my oven. Sure enough, there was the missing remote. I’m so glad I got the replacement battery and decide to film another night!


The rest of the tape showed my cat, Roo, running over to our couch and crawling on to her lap for affection as if this was their regular routine. Now I know why sometimes his paws feel ice cold!


If my cat likes her, then so do I. I don’t know if she was around at the time, or if I was just talking to the air, but I let her know she can crash on our couch as long as she keeps an eye on the cats when we’re at work, and keeps her shows down at night. I think she got the message though, because I no longer wake up to the TV blaring, and the TV will switch to one of my shows to lure me out on the nights I can’t fall asleep.

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Re: Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

I want to know what shows the ghost has been watching. Smiley LOL

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