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Video camera - a good one?


      I'm planning to buy a video camera this year(if possible in the coming month). In this process, I would prefer to buy a camera which is cost effective. What will be the cost of the mirrorless camera? I would like to know your expert suggestions and ideas on this. If you can express your opinions as soon as possible, it would open up an oppurtunity for me to land on a decision so quick. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Video camera - a good one?


  • what are you recording?  indoor performances?  sports?
  • does a 29 minute limitation bother you?
  • some DSLRs and mirroless have overheating issues if you recod more than 5 or 10 minutes
  • how important is audio?  I want forward facing microphones.  Microphones on TOP of the cameras are useless when outdoors without a ceiling to reflect the sound.  All you get is your breathing
  • do you want image stabilization
  • check the cameras in the stores.... some cameras have noisy auto focus
  • what software do you plan to edit your video?  1080?  4K? 360? 3D?  Hope you have a good faster computer for the long renders.
  • how fast is your internet upload speed?  You may need to get a better package if you plan to upload videos a lot.