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Video and Still Camera

Hey I am new to the whole camcorder and still picture gadgets world.


I am going off to college, and would like a camera to be able to record and take pictures.  I recently used a friends Flip Mino and was pleasantly surprised.  I liked how easy it was to use, and the great quality of the video.  The built in USB connector was also a very useful function. (No worrying about losing the cord!)


The only complaint I had was that it did not take still photos.  Are there any cameras that can take video with the same quality as the Flip, but also take good quality still photos?  

I do not require it to have the built in USB connector, because it seems that is Flips trademark as of sorts.

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Re: Video and Still Camera

What's your price range???


Nearly all DSLR (Digital SLR) still cameras on the market now also have good video capability.  As they were designed primarily as still cameras, their still capability is awesome.  They're large though - even the smaller units like a Pentax K-x with the 18-55 kit lens will be FAR larger than the Flip Mino.


Some of the point-and-shoot still cameras take decent video.


I haven't tried the still picture functionality of my Canon HF100, but the Canon HF series high def camcorder units can also take stills.


In general, it depends - is video or still picture capability more important to you?  The features and controls of all cameras are optimized towards one function, and sometimes the secondary function lacks significantly.  (However, if you get to the really high end, namely the $1000+ range, you start seeing converged devices that do both well - typically DSLRs that have really good video capability.  Most of the entry-level units don't allow for external microphones and as a result the audio is awful.)

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Re: Video and Still Camera

Getting into the $1000+ range is a bit high for me. Id like to focus more on the Still aspect, but still want good quality video.


I also do not want to be carrying around a large bulky camera, I am after something that would fit easily into my pack or pocket