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Two Camcorder Questions.

I'm looking for an HD camcorder, hopefully on the less expensise side. But I definality want good qulity. And it's for a Youtube Channel starting up.


Second question. I have a camcorder that I'm looking to sell for money towards the new camcorder. Does Best Buy buy old camcorders?

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Re: Two Camcorder Questions.

I'm going to answer your questions in reverse order.....

  • what is your old camcorder model?
  • have you checked the online auction sites to see what it's worth?
  • in general, old camcorders have little value, especially with wear and tear on tape based models.
  • The resale value is very limited.
  • I don't think Best Buy takes old camcorders

With regards to a new model....

  • click on this link and use the wizards to shortlist models that may be of interest to you.
  • Look for camcorders with forward facing microphones for better sound.
  • avoid camcorders with bottom loading batteries, unless you don't mind recharging it every 30 minutes
  • yes, get a better camcorder if you want people to watch your YouTube..... I avoid video's that are not HD.
  • also budget for a tripod.... I hate handheld YouTube videos that are shaky.  Get a tripod with a "fluid head" for sexy smooth panning.


Wow, I noticed there's a DXG 3D camcorder on the Best Buy site for $299.99.  However I hope the battery is at the back and I'd like to see more video samples before recommending it.

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Re: My unresolved issue

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Hello Pulkit,


Thank you for your messages.


Have you been in contact with the store leaders regarding your situation since you made your purchase over four months ago?


Additionally, do I understand correctly that you have already traded in your phones and received payment for them? If so, did you trade them in to Best Buy or your carrier? How were you informed that you would be provided the additional value you said you were quoted by Best Buy?



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