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Suggestions for first DSLR and Fisheye lense

This IS asking a lot but I’m trying to find a dslr under $600nzd that shoots 1080p60fps also with a flip out viewfinder(canon preferred), this will be my first dslr so I want to make sure I will be satisfied, I shoot skateboarding videos with my friends so I also am trying to find a fisheye lens that doesn’t cost more than $300nzd hopefully that’s possible but if not, still suggest some nice budget DSLRs please thank you.

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Re: Suggestions for first DSLR and Fisheye lense

First I would like to ask if you know how the results of a fish eye lens would look?  Granted I think the effect woudl be cool for shooting video of skateboarding.  For your price line I think your going to want to ver away from the flip out view finder.


There are generally two ways to buy a camera


Body only

or Body and lens kit


Most kits will not come with a fish eye lens as they are more niche.


The Rebel T6 

May be a good place to start.  I has a lens that is 18-55 mm which will allow for very close up video.  It will do regular HD at 1280 x 720 (HD): 60 fps (59.94 fps)  to achieve 60 FPS at full HD would cost a bit more.


To achieve 60 fps at higher resolution you would look to the T7i from canon


Now the fisheye lens is not a cheap lens.  And there are not a lot to choose from


Canon Fisheye



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