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Stolen camera?

If my camera was stolen and i have warranty is there anything that can be done? Or do i have to spend another 200 on a new camera. Smiley Sad
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Re: Stolen camera?

Most warranties claim "They are not responsible for theft of the item" so you might want to check the warranty documentation for sure.
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Re: Stolen camera?

Hey MandyS,


I was sorry to hear your camera got stolen! I had my camera system stolen once, and I was very upset. Hockeycanuckjc is correct that the warranty should not cover a lost or stolen item, but you might have some options. The first option you may have is if the warranty you are talking about is an extended warranty purchased from Best Buy®, you should be able to get a pro-rated refund of the warranties purchase price. The second option you might have is if you have a homeowners/rental insurance policy the theft might be covered by your policy. My homeowners insurance covered the loss of my camera system when it was stolen out of my car. I hope this information helps out!


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