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Question about Canon Powershot ELPH135

I just purchased a Canon PowerShot ELPH135. I heard and saw lots of positive feedback on this camera, but now that I have it and have taken a couple of pics I am disappointed. Pretty much every picture I have taken turns out blurry or not the best quality. I have tried changing some of the settings, but I still get horrible pics. 


I am a jewelry designer and I bought this camera to take some clear pics of my designs for my online store. More than likely, if I can't achieve the picture quality that I need with this camera then I will be returning it. But I do want to give this camera a chance. So I was wandering which camera settings for this camera would work best for taking clear, quality pics of jewelry?

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Re: Question about Canon Powershot ELPH135

Ok this may sound like a condescending question, but it is legitimate and it has happened.


Have you pulled off the protective plastice covering?


My wife is on her second Elph and both cameras have had nothing but outstanding quality.


I am just asking about the plastic protective covering.  


When you transfer the photos to a computer are they still fuzzy?  If they are clear and sharp on your computer then is possibly and issue with the view screen on the camera.  It should be sharp on their as well as on your computer.


Another question then.


How close are you trying to take your photos.  Many of the point and shoot cameras do not do well with very close up photos.  There is a setting on the camera for Macro.  If you put it to macro and then try to take a close up photo it should work better.


When I got our first Elph 11 years ago I took a photo of a bee getting pollen from a flower at about 3 inches away on macro and it came out really good.  


When you take your photos are they looking clear on the screen before you shoot?

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Re: Question about Canon Powershot ELPH135

Hi valerielynn82,


The cause of blurry images is almost always due to the shutter speed being set too low to hand hold the camera without a flash. I'm sure you're shooting in auto, which means the camera is setting the shutter speed for you. My suggestion would be to increase the amount of light, and the quality of the light. The more light you have the faster the camera will set your shutter speed. I would also suggest using a tripod.


Jewelry photography will require a tripod for sure, and you should set the camera to Close Up mode. The flash on the camera will not be adequate for capturing jewelry. You will need to get some external lights and soft boxes to improve the quality of the light.


Were you holding the camera in your hand when taking these blurry photos? What is the shooting mode you had the camera set to? Was the flash being used? What type of subject were you capturing? Was your subject moving?



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