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Nikon CoolPix s220 Lens Error

I received a Nikon CoolPix S220 Camera for Christmas this year.  I absolutely love it.  Last week, I set it down between taking pictures, and the next thing I know there was the "Lens error" message on the screen. I went online and found out that this is a common error in the CoolPix cameras (that the lens gets stuck).  My camera is only 2 months old and currently out of commission. Please help me. I called to ask to exchange or return it and they told me that they said that wasn't an option since it is after January 31. What are my options? Can I really not exchange or return it? Do I have to file a complaint with Nikon as a company? Please help me.  

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Re: Nikon CoolPix s220 Lens Error

Just bring it to your local BB and they will send it out for repair.

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Re: Nikon CoolPix s220 Lens Error

Don't forget to remove the memory card!