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New camera

Hi, i does anyone happen to know a good camera in mind for good photoshoots & outings, if anyone has one in mind, please give me feedback.

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Re: New camera

Are you looking for something a little more professional or casual photos.


If you want something more professional and adaptable you would want to look at a DSLR.  You will hear people go on and on about the best brand.  But I beleive that is mosly because that is the brand they own.  BB carries Nikon, Canon, and Sony DSLR and they are all good cameras.  Most will come with what is called kit lenses.  They are good basic lenses that will get you going in good fashion. 


This Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a great way to start.


This Nikon D3400 is a little more expensive but hsa tthe distince advantage of a 35mm f/1.8 lense included.  This lens will give you great close up photos in all sorts of light.


For something more basic a point and shoot is a great way to go.  They are more compact and can easily be carried all day.  We purchased our first Canon Powershot 13 years ago and have purchased 2 replacements since.  The Elph line are really good cameras.  I have not owned another brand of point and shoot than Canon. My DSLR is Nikon. 


This Canon Elph should be a good fit.  The Point and shoot will not be as verstile as a DSRL and not do as good at long distance shots (i.e. where are zoomed in really close). It will do great on landscapes.  But it is quick, easy and will do wonderful at close and mid range photos.  


Keep in mind if you go the DSLR route you may end up purchasing accessories or different lenses.  Once you make that decision you may want to stay with that brand.  You may upgrade the camera someday but keep the lenses. 

I purchased my Nikon D80 in 2007 and it still works great. 


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Re: New camera

Hello Ben-sterling,


Welcome back to the forum, and thank you for thinking of Best Buy for your digital imaging needs.  @bobberuchi asks some great questions and has offered a good list of cameras to start with.  If you have any particular questions about these, or any other camera at Best Buy, feel free to let me know and I'll do my very best to help.



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