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NIKON D750 v D7100 for live broadcasting

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Hello all,


We are looking between NIKON D750 and D7100, we are holding sporting event, our goal stream live video over IP and coax. We chose QAM modulator (DVB-C and IPTV) - our goal is to shorten a delay, we would like to know other's opinion is there any latency difference between Nikon D750 and D7100.  If we run signal through direct HDMI output in 22Mbps mode? Or if you guys can kindly recommend us better camera for live-streaming, We would really appreciate your kind feedback!


Thank you in advance!


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Re: NIKON D750 v D7100 for live broadcasting

I am a big fan of Nikon DSLR Cameras.  Love how they work and the results I get. and both the cameras you listed are outstanding.


That being said I would recommend against using a DSLR Camera for Live Video Streaming


The built in Mics on DSLR tend to be low quality so your going to not have great performance there.  Also most DSLR cameras are not intended for live video stream for a long time and may have a tendancy to over heat and shut down.


I think your best bet is a camcorder.


With many devices used for such a thing you need to be cautious of the cables.  They tend to not have locking mechanism and can come loose and fall out during use.


We live stream at our BMX track.  We use a Canon Vixia camcorder that is several years old and we get great results. 


One of your best options for live streaming are SDI cameras, but they tend to be pretty expensive. But you don't have to convert the video and they are very high quality. 



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