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Looking for a camcorder- pls advise

Hi, Im looking for a camcorder that records directly to the hard drive. Are the otherrs that use CDs and DVDs better in any way. Please advise.


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Re: Looking for a camcorder- pls advise

I would advise against either solution.


Tape, hard drive, and DVD-based camcorders all have moving parts that increase their physical size, decrease ruggedness and reliability, and also will cause audible noise in your recordings.


Flash memory (SDHC) is so cheap nowadays that it is the way to go for camcorders - Flash-based camcorders are smaller, more rugged, and the only ones not prone to motor noise from moving parts in your audio.

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Re: Looking for a camcorder- pls advise

I would agree that flash is the best choice but a HDD hybrid model will often be cheaper and there is really no need to be so fearful of the cam's demise.  HDDs will typically last many years and you will get just as much noise from the Canon zoom as you will from any HDD based camcorder.