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Life of a Class 7 Corporeal Entity

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Life as a ghostly being isn’t as spooky as the media likes to portray. I’ll admit I like to have my fun on occasion, but I certainly don’t like to terrorize people on a nightly basis!  In fact, as long as I’m able to stick to my daily schedule, I like to think I live a peaceful and quiet existence. 


1:02am – Radiate a haunting chill

1:53am – Find a sock to add to my collection (thanks for taking the blame there, dryer!)

2:21am – Whisper things and rattle all the doors as I float down the hall

3:09am – Stand in the corner of child's bedroom until said child runs to parents’ room

3:42am – Open and close all the kitchen cabinets loudly and in rapid succession

4:37am – Stalk the cat (he knows what he did…)

5:13am – Hide the remote control in the refrigerator

5:57am – Make all the lights flicker

6:00am through 1:00am - Be wary of the living


Then October comes around. The living seem to go overboard and love all things “scary”, and they’ll stay up all hours of the night with their cameras in hopes of catching me on film. Most of the time, I can avoid them. As you can imagine though, it really messes up my carefully planned night! Do I bug them during the day? No! I’m a respectful apparition, thank you very much! I graciously opened up my home and allowed them to live here with me, and this is what they do to repay me…


Of course, it has gotten worse this particular Halloween season, as the living have decided to become professional ghost hunters. They went to Best Buy and found themselves a nice high definition camcorder that compensates for low and high light changes to produce better videos in the dark. Now I have to watch my every move and avoid something that is continuously recording! Talk about exhausting! I guess I’ll have to up my game by messing with their electronic devices and draining the batteries.


For more exciting tales of my existence, visit the appliances board here. If you want to read what my human thinks of me, venture over to his post on the Computers & Tablets board.

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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