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Help choosing a digital camera?

Hey! I'm a teenage girl looking to buy a camera. My price range is around 400, and I'm trying to find a REAL camera. The last one I bought is awful, its so small! I've been looking at the Kodak z1012 but i would prefer to have something that has a longer battery life. I am taking a trip to Egypt this summer, and I live on a farm so I want it to be able to take good nature pictures, but love talking pictures of my friends too. Size of the camera doesn't matter to me. So basically I want a camera thats not too expensive, not too hard to work, rechargeable, and takes good pictures. Thanks so much! -crm

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Re: Help choosing a digital camera?

Size doesn't matter?


If you increase your budget, you can get an entry-level DSLR like the Nikon D3000, one of the Canon Rebels, or Pentax K-x.


The K-x is nice in that it's the only DSLR offered in multiple colors (if that's your thing), and has shake reduction in the body, allowing for image stabilization of cheap lenses.


Typical price of an entry-level DSLR will be $500-550 or so.


DSLRs have some learning curve to them, but the advantage is far greater flexibility once you learn about basic photography concepts such as aperture, shutter speed, and exposure in general.  Sometimes to get the shot you want, it's easier to just go full manual than to fight the auto-whatever of the camera.  (All DSLRs do have autofocus, auto white balance and autoexposure of course, but only higher end cameras permit you to override the AF/AE/AWB in "difficult" shooting situations.


If you are firm on the $400 budget, look at something like the Canon G11 or Canon S90.

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