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Digital Camera Needs Repair

Okay so I have a Canon Powershot A480 and I have had it for almost a year now, about 11 months. I was using it one day this week and it fell, and the lens got a dent and the lens won't move at all! I can't even playback my pictures and movies anymore.The camera will barely turn on.

I don't have a receipt or warranty.

Is there anyway I could get this fixed or repaired or replaced?

I loved this camera so much =(.

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Re: Digital Camera Needs Repair

You can bring it into BB and they can send it out for an estimate, but keep in mind that any repairs will be at your expense.

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Re: Digital Camera Needs Repair

If it is actually *dented* (as opposed to misaligned), your repair costs are going to be nearly what it costs to purchase a new camera.


Actually, I'm wrong...  Since that camera apparently costs around $100, it will likely cost more to repair it than to buy a new one.  Even if it is just misaligned, your best bets are likely "attempt to repair it yourself" and "buy a new one when self-repair attempts fail".

*disclaimer* I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Best Buy, Geek Squad, nor of any of their affiliate, parent, or subsidiary companies.