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Canon SX110LS



I was wondering if I could get a rechargable battery pack  along with the Canon SX110LS model(or do I have to purchase it seperately it..?) how much would a rechargable pack cost?....Moreover, could u also inform me about the thanksgiving sales.


Thank you.



Jesson John.

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Re: Canon SX110LS

Hey jesson,
The Canon SX110IS digital camera comes with two AA standard alkaline batteries. If you want rechargeable batteries you would need to purchase the charger and the rechargeable batteries separately. The manufacturer recommends using AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, and I found a charger that comes with batteries that should fit your needs here.
An advertisement of our sales for thanksgiving should be released on on 11/25/2008 and in the newspaper on 11/27/2008. I hope this helps out!
Thanks for posting,
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Re: Canon SX110LS( to Allan)

Hi Allan,


Thanks a lot for the info...The charger that you mentioned had a 6hr charging time...I found another charger which has a 15 min charging is it....  ...would this charger too work fine with the CanonSX110LS model that I was talking off..also could u tell me how many pics could I take with a fully charged battery...I guess the Canon uses 2 of them..




Jesson John