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Canon Rebel T1i External Flash



I was looking into buying in external flash for my Canon Rebel T1i and was wondering if the Canon - Speedlite 600EX-RT External Flash was compatable or what everyone else recomends.  Any help would be great.




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Re: Canon Rebel T1i External Flash

I say.... YES, get the 600ex if can afford it.;jsessionid=A76C11FF4F0C6E763...


I use the Nikon version, but flagship flashes give you

  • added power for bounce lighting, diffusers, or light modifiers
  • servo's that can change/focus the light pattern for zoom lenses
  • more drop resistant than regular lenses
  • ability to plug in external batteries for quicker recycling

The only time when I won't use a high-end flash... is when I need added power of a "barebulb" like my Quantum Trio.