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Canon EOS 90D vs Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Hey guys! I'm having a dilemma of which camera to get. It will be my first camera as I just recently got interested in photography and videography. Which one of these two choices; Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II do you think is better overall?

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Re: Canon EOS 90D vs Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Hands down I would go with the M6 Mark II


My number one reason is that is has a full frame sensor. You will get better response with depth of field, you can purchase full frame lenses with tend to be less expensive than those desigend for ASP-C


You will get better performance in low light. 


And I feel full frame sensors can make better quality images. and work better at higher ISO's


The other significant differece between the two is the 90D has more mega pixels.  While this may seem important it generally boils down to who large the full size image will be the quality will be the same.  Meaning a full size print at 32 mega pixels may be 32 inches across.  where as a 22 might be 24 inches.  Where the benefit of more comes really into play is that  it allows you to crop the photo and retain more quality.  Or if you want to showcase them on a large screen TV.


However the long and short of it is that both have enough megapixels for almost most purposes.


A VERY big part that is applicable today is they both have Black Friday pricing today and the M6 is a huge sale right now

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