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Cannon AE-1 Lenses

I just bought a Cannon Rebel T1i... yes, I know its not the latest version but its what I could afford... and my dad fell in love with it.  He has, and still uses a Cannon AE-1 35 mm camera and about 7 lenses.  Is there any type of adapter or something that would allow him to use those lenses on a T1 or T2?

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Re: Cannon AE-1 Lenses

Yes. Theres a few FD (the AE-1 lens mount) to EF (new style mount) out. No idea on what FD lenses are compatible with the mounts. He will need to manually focus and use the aperture ring on the lens with the camera in manual. You'll have to google for them to find specific brands.

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Re: Cannon AE-1 Lenses

Hi acstewart85,


When Canon transitioned from the FD mount (manual focus lenses for 35mm film cameras) to the EOS mount (their autofocus mount used on today’s cameras) they did make an adapter for their L series FD mount lenses that allowed the users of these lenses to use their FD mount L series lenses on the new EOS mount lenses. They made very few of these adapters, and they are actually selling for much more now than they did back then. The main problem is that the distance between the front plane of the mount, and the focal plan was different between the two mounts, which meant that in order to have your FD mount lens focus to infinity on a camera with an EOS mount they had to add optical elements to compensate for the change in distance (essentially acting as a teleconverter, which will cause the lens attached to have a more telephoto reach than the lens without this adapter).


These adapters also can't communicate with modern digital SLRs so you will need to set the aperture manually. In addition to the adapter Canon made a few third-party manufacturers have made these over the years, but their optical quality has left a lot to be desired. If you find one of these for less than $100 new it is probably not worth getting. We currently don't sell an FD to EOS adapter.


Hope this helps!


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