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Can create DVDs - headed for refund

Can anyone tell me how to make a DVD out of the recorded video on my brand new $800 JVC HD video recorded from Best Buy?  I tild the clerk that I wanted to make DVDs and she sold me this unit.  It has very clear video but does not seem to allow me to create a DVD.  The instruction manual mentions some gibberish about AVCHD discs and CD-VD50 type records and CU-VD3 type  recorders , whatever those are.  BUt the bottom line seems to be  that you cannot burn the videos you take with this camera into DVDs that other people can view on their PCs or their TVs.  I called JVC about this and they said I needed some new SW called Cyberlink Power Director - which they offerd to mail me but i cannot wait (why should I have to ask the maker about this SW why isn't it just included in the package???) So they told me to call the SW maker;  Cyberlink.  The Cyberlink tech support line hung up on me three times. Then i asked this same question on the Cyberlink website and their tech guy responded that I was not entitled to that SW from JVC.  I am fed up .  Anybody see a way out of this??  If not I will b returning my $800 Best Buy purchase tomorrow for a full refund.   
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Re: Can create DVDs - headed for refund

This may be a little bit late, but Im not a big fan of the programs you mentioned. When you plug in your camera, it may prompt an autoplay dialog if you want to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker. I reccomend YES, because of its straighforward simplicity and ease of use for all kinds of computer users, be it a novice or an expert.


Remember, just because it includes software does not mean you have to use it in order to get something to work and burn a DVD Smiley Happy (Well except for driver installation, but most Camcorders (digital) come up as Mass Storage Devices so its not that bad)

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Re: Can't create DVDs - headed for refund

Yeah I actually tried that.  Thanks for the response though.  The camera says "playback on PC"  and the Movie Maker says "Video capture device not detected" = i suspect there's a hidden solution here somewhere - probably you are right - but i don't have 5 more hours to try to debug it.  Think I'll let Best Buy spend those 5 hours repackaging my returned camera instead.
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Re: Can create DVDs - headed for refund

Hey maoconn,


It would be very difficult to trouble shoot your issue without knowing exactly what camcorder you purchased, the operating system you are using, the resolution that the video is shot in, and the output you are trying to record the video too. I do know that most JVC camcorders come with editing software called Cyberlink BD, and this software should work to edit and record videos to the desired format. I would like to try and help you to get this to work for you so I am sending you a private message.


Thanks for posting,


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Re: Can't create DVDs - headed for refund

Yeah, it seems as much as these companies advertise ease of use for burning movies, I never found a good one except Ulead Movie Factory.  I used Adobe premier and Sony Vegas but even with a dual core 3.0ghz 3GB DDR2 and 8800GT they just dont run fast and are hard to work with.


Ulead isnt GREAT but its the one I clicked with.