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Re: Camera help

Would 40mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8 or 35mm f/1.8 be better with lighting?
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Re: Camera help

Well there is a switch off on f/stop as well.


I don't know how to explain the why.  But the wider the aperature the more light that comes through BUT the shorter the focal distance.


Say you are standing on a fence line.  You focus on the 4th or 5th pole away from you. And you have the using a f/1.4 stop.  Pretty much the only thing that will be in focus will be the pole you are focused on.  The smaller the opening the wider the depth of field will be.


f/2.8 is a great lens for light.  When my older daughter graduated from High School I had just gotten my 20mm f/2.8


Now the shorter lenses like the 20mm will have a wider area in the frame


The f/2.8 allowed enought light through on the Gym floor for me to get great photos without a flash.  And I could stand a lot closer than other people taking photos.


To be honest there may not be a lot of times when you will use something lower than f/2.8 but when you need it, the payoff is there.


However say your into taking pictures of flowers, which I am very much into, you can set your stop to f/1.8 or f/1.4 and center your photo on the flower and ONLY the flower will be in focus. 


The 40 or 35mm are great for portrait photography.


However, I still recommond just going with your kit lenses to start.  They should both have a f/stop of at least f/5.4 and will work just fine for most conditions you will encounter.  

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Re: Camera help

A good lens is the 50mm f/1.8.  It's affordable and works great with natural light.


I love my f/1.4 lens.  But look closely at the price.  Some may have problems justifying this.


With zoom lenses.... going away from the kit lens really increases your price.  However I do love the f/2.8 results.


Then throw in some VR (Vibration Reduction) to get better low light results..... I love VR.

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Re: Camera help

The only other things I would suggest looking at to start are a camera bag, a tri-pod a flash and a lens cap holder.  


The Tripod and Flash a very nice to have but the camera bag is critical as it will help protect your investment. I have 3 bags.


The one I use the most is a holster bag.  Very similar in nature to this one found on Best Buys web site.


  • model: LP36621
  • SKU: 4192029

In it I can carry my camera with one lens attached.  A cleaning cloth, and extra battery and memory card.  They are very nice because you can access your camera quick.  I carry this a lot and if I have it unzipped I and need to take a picture in a hurry I can have it out of the bag, lens cap off camera turned on and taking a picture in only a few seconds.


I also carry a larger bag that can hold my flash, the camera with a lens on and 2 other lenses a mini tri-pod, filters etc...

However, it can weight a lot and if you carry it all day you feel it.  I carried it on a trip to France, my shoulder hurt but it was worth it to have my options available.


The third is a messenger bag which I found didn't work so good for cameras but it holds my laptop nice.


A tri-pod will be very useful if you are taking photos with a long exposure time as you cannot hold your hand steady on a 1/4 of a second exposure, even with vibration reduction.  But you will find that almost any picture you take when mounted on a tri-pod is going to come out sharper.  I have 2 tri-pods.  One is a little mini thing that I can put in my pocket.  It is great to have as it weights very little and if you need something quick it is there.  I also have a full size tri-pod.  Best Buy carries Monfrotto in store and I am happy with mine.  I also have a monopod.  These are great for sporting events because they give you stability and allow you to change direction quickly and the legs won't hit other people.


Extra battery and memory go without a need for an explanation as to why.  

Strongly recommond ONLY buying a Nikon spare battery.  They cost more but will last a LOT longer.

When buying an SD card for your camera it is good to go with a fast card.  Meaning when  you camera takes a picture it can process it to the card faster and allow you to take more pictures faster.  Also transferring them off goes a lot faster.


I always carry an extra batter, but I have found when on vacation I can take hundreds of photos on one batter.


Finally a flash can be very nice to have.  You will find even if you have pleanty of light, a flash outdoors helps to fill in shadows and can give you better exposure.


Here again I strongly recommond only the Nikon Flash. I had a Metx with my 35mm and it is also a very good brand.  But the Nikon Flash is made specifically for a Nikon camera computer and will work in 100% sync.


Finally a lens cap holder.  I very inexpensive little device that is incredibly beneficial.

  • Model: NS-LCH1
  • SKU: 1919022

 Basically it glues one end to your lens cap and then a band that stretches over your lens.  When I mentioned taking a picture fast, this is a critical element.  This way you never have to worry about where you put your lens cap.



All said and done though you best starting off with the basic kit and a bag.  Then as you feel the need for other items take the time to research and find what is right for you.  To be honest my full size camera bag. I spent more time finding the perfect bag for me then all my other components put together.  



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Re: Camera help

Also if you have some sort of community ed class available in your area for learning basic SLR use.  But look into it first to see what it is teaching. It may be geared more towards a point and shoot and how to change batteries and your SD card etc..  


See if you can find some sort of class that will teach about exposure and aperature.  Bascially a class designed for an SLR



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Re: Camera help

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Hi there, Haleyroxx23,


I was going to jump in and add my two cents, but I have to say our super users, bobberuchi and xl, have all the bases well covered. At this point, the only thing I have to add is a link to our Cameras & Camcorders Knowledge Base. One in particular that might help you is our article titled “DSLR Lens Basics”.


If you have any further questions for any of us though, feel free to let us know. One of us is bound to have the answer. Smiley Happy



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