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Camcorders with High Audio Quality

All of the camcorders here are rated based on visual quality, which is all well and good, but I'm looking to purchase an affordable camcorder that has excellent audio quality. I will be recording concerts, so in the end, the sound is more important. Any suggestions? 
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Re: Camcorders with High Audio Quality

Hey mckennaek,

If you are going to be recording concerts I would suggest investing in an external mic, and a good pair of headphones. I would also look for a camcorder that has an external mic input, a headphone input, and manual audio controls. This is not because the built in mic on a camcorder can't produce good audio, but is because the built in mic often picks internal noises made by the camcorder itself. Headphones are also important so you can monitor your sound as your recording, and adjust you sound as needed. Entry level camcorders just don't have these options, and will probably not meet your needs. Two mid level camcorders that have external mic input, headphone input, and manual audio controls that I like are the Canon HV30 and the Sony HDR-HC9. I hope this helps out!

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