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Im looking for a camcorder to tape karate testings as well as fireworks , storms other crazy ideas of mine LOL.

Here are the features that im trying to find within a camcorder:


Shooting Programs:Spotlight, portrait mode, night mode, sports mode, twilight mode, snow
Special Effects:Sepia, Monotone, Classic Film, Strobe, black & white
Operating System Support:MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP SP2

Tripod mount - yes


I don't know if i should get an HD or a Hard Drive Disk one!

Please help!!!!

I don't have a lot of time cause my testing is the 3rd weekend in this month!!




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Camcorder acronym soup can be tough, two overloaded terms:

SD = Secure Digital OR Standard Definition

HD = Hard Drive OR High Definition


My personal reccommendation is, if your budget allows, a flash memory based (Secure Digital) high definition camcorder.


The Canon HF series are usually good choices.  I have the HF100 and it's great, Canon is releasing new models right around now, the HF S200 is brand new, you can probably get some good deals on the older HF200 now.

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