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Best camera with a budget of 900 dollars?

Hey guys! I am new to cameras and I am planning to buy my first camera ever! I recently got really interested in learning about photography and videography. For photos, I'm more to travel photography and also architectural photography, (I'm doing a degree in Architecture). For videos, I'll take casual videos when I travel and maybe for vlogging in the future. Preferably a mirrorless camera.

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Re: Best camera with a budget of 900 dollars?

Well if you want mirrorless go with the Sony A6000 package as it is only Black Friday pricing right now and an incredible buy.  Sony makes great cameras. 


But I need to give due diligence for you.


Lenses and accessories will cost more and there are a lot less to choose from.  This may change down the road.


Also the viewfinders on Mirrorless cameras do not perform as well in low light. 


When buying camera with interchangeable lenses it may be important to look past the initial buying of the camera and consider what you want down the road.  


Meaning, if you get into photography, like I have, you may end up spending more money on your accessories and lenses than you did the camera.  It kind of binds you into one brand or another.  In this case it would bind you into Sony Mirrorless cameras.


I am on my third Nikon Camera (SLR and 2 DSLR's) I still use the same lenses I purchased with my 35mm Nikon back in 2002 but I have also purchased a number of lens and a flash.  


However I will say again the Sony A6000 series are really good cameras. 

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