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Best Buy Slowly Dropping the m43 Product Line

Just a few short years ago there was a full selection of m43 cameras, lenses, and accessories from Olympus and Panasonic. I usually take advantage of the great sales this time of year along with the 12 or 18 months no interest, unfortunately there is a smaller selection of items in this catagory year after year. Now there is not much remaining in which I'm interested or don't already have. Not sure why such a large nationwide consumer electronics chain doesn't have a better selection.

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Re: Best Buy Slowly Dropping the m43 Product Line

Mirrorless cameras are really starting to take off. 


BB does carry all three of Olympus's cameras and 19 different lenses.


Personally I do not think it is a matter of Best Buy dropping the ball on M4/3 Olympus and Panasonic lines rather than going what is dominating the market share.


Camera sales worldwide are way down in the last 10 years since the quality of phone cameras have gone way up. 


Stores cannot keep spending money to market items that have a lower rate of sale. 

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