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Another Mirrorless Camera purchasing question (Personalised for my needs)

Yes, I know there are hundreds of similar posts but mine is about my requirements so please bear a bit.

I’m from India and currently using Nikon DSLR D5600 with Nikon 50mm Prime and kit lens. I’m an amateur photographer and sometimes go for birding and wildlife. Also, I’ve been doing it for more than 9 years now. Usually, I do portrait shots of family and friends and other usual Landscape, Travel and Street Photography.

My requirements-

  • Compact body with retro looks (silver body) I’m considering Fujifilm and Panasonic Lumix.

  • Can shoot RAW photos

  • Mainly for photos (not much into Videography/Vlogging)

  • Interchangeable Lens system for occasional Wildlife shots and future possibilities

  • In-body stabilisation (If So great but not necessary)

  • View-finder

  • Side Articulating screen (preferred not necessary)

  • Want to purchase new.

Price under 1000-1200 USD (with the Kit lens or a body plus other purchasable lenses within this price range)

What I liked but were obviously out of my budget or with some other issue-

• Fujifilm X100V (fixed lens)

• Panasonic Lumix S5 ( off-budget)

Thank you in advance! Advise a bit maybe.

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Re: Another Mirrorless Camera purchasing question (Personalised for my needs)

I also shoot Nikon DSLR and had considered a mirrorless camera.  The reason I have stuck wiht Nikon for 30 years is becuase I have a lot more invested in lenses than I do in any individual camera.  


I know there are some adapters you can get to connect your DSLR lenses to a mirrorless camera but I have not explored them. 


Currenly Mirrorless is significanly more expensive than DSLR, but that will change some day..


If you do not have a lot invested in lenses than a mirroless camera can be a great step up. They have a significanly smaller profile, weigh less, and are faster.


You will also find regarding lenses that at this time there are fewer options and more expensive. If you want interchangeable lenses than you certianly cannot got with the fixed lens system you mentioned. 


It is not a brand you mentioned and does not look retro, but you should consider the 



Canon EOS M50


It is in your budget.  Comes with 2 good lenses that will give you a range from 15mm to 200mm zoom.








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Re: Another Mirrorless Camera purchasing question (Personalised for my needs)

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Hello, urbarnmiha.


Welcome to the Community Forums! We are so happy to have you join us! As someone who enjoys taking great photos, I know how important it is to have a camera and great lenses that meet your needs. While I do own a Canon myself, each brand has features that are unique to them. I see a great suggestion was already made for you, but feel free to check out these cameras  that are priced at $1500 or less. I would encourage you to visit the site, read the details, and check out the reviews from our customers.




If you need anything else, please feel to browse the boards, and please do not hesitate to reach back out. We are always happy to help!




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