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Camera Bags, Cases, and Straps

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Bags and Cases


When purchasing that new camera, you need to think about protecting your new investment. The most important way to protect a camera is to make sure it is stored and carried in the safest way. There are many types of bags and cases available for cameras.


  • Shoulder bags - These are the most common camera bags, and as the name implies, they are carried with a shoulder strap. They vary greatly in size, shape, and intended use. Some are designed to carry point-and-shoot cameras, while others carry entire professional DSLR systems.


Lowepro bag.jpg



  • Sling Bags - These bags are designed to be carried on your back, but the strap is designed in a way to be able to quickly access your camera equipment.


Canon Sling Backpack.jpg



  • Camera Backpacks - A camera backpack is intended to carry lots of equipment over long distances. This is especially useful for the outdoor photographer, but can really be used by any type of photographer that will be carrying their equipment all day.



Lowpro Backpack



  • Camera Cases - Cases are generally used to store and protect camera equipment when not in use or when travelling.


Camera Case.jpg



  • Camera Pouches - These are designed to hold and protect Point-and-Shoot cameras. They might have a wrist strap, but in general, they are not intended as a way to carry a camera.


Camera Pouch.jpg








There are many types of straps that assist in the carrying of a camera. They help to protect against theft if placed over the head or attached to a wrist. Often times, the strap is included with the camera, but some aftermarket straps are much better.


  • Neck Straps - As the name implies, these are the standard camera strap that goes over the head to rest on your neck. They're good for general use and for carrying cameras long distances.


Peak Design Neck Strap



  • Wrist Straps - Often provided as an accessory for a Point-and-Shoot camera, wrist straps go over the wrist and then attach to the camera. There are some made specifically for DSLRs that provide the flexibility of shooting without a strap, while at the same time protecting the camera from falls or theft.


Peak Design Wrist Strap.jpg



  • Sling Straps - Straps that are often used by professional photographers on location. They provide the comfort of shooting without a strap, while at the same time providing the security of a neck/shoulder strap.


Peak Design Leash Strap.jpg



  • Hand Straps - These straps are mainly for DSLRs. They attach around the body’s grip while holding the back of the hand.


Peak Design Hand Strap.jpg