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Beyond The Blue

Daylight Savings Time

by on ‎03-15-2018 11:13 AM


I’ll sure miss the days where you would hear the crazy story of how someone almost missed an important appointment because of Daylight Savings Time.  Sure we lose an hour of sleep right away, but isn’t it worth it for those extra hours of light when you’re out enjoying those summer activities?!  Just the thought of looking outside at 5pm, and still having the possibility to see sunlight makes me as happy as a clam in high water! 


Let’s be real though, longer days and more sunlight means it’s time to break out the mower and the hedge clippers for another year of yardwork.  What if you could have your lawn mowed without hiring someone to enter on your property from a contracted company?  The Husqvarna - Automower® 450X mower is the solution you’ve been waiting for!  I’m a firm believer that time is money so save both by letting this mower tackle the easy terrain while you focus on the garden, or playing video games 😉.  This mower is versatile enough to hit every corner of any yard, just watch the video for yourself, and when it is running low on battery it returns to the designated charging station on it’s own!  


It’s truly amazing where technology has brought us this far, and why not use the extra time that you’ve always spent mowing, to kick off spring cleaning early!  Yes, time to get rid of the old and start with the new.   Bring your Outdoor Living space to life with a new Grill, or an outdoor TV by Sunbright.  Best Buy even has you covered if you’re wanting to Transform your Garage


Now if you live in a state as cold as Minnesota, outdoor living during the winter months can be few an far between with the relentless cold, but our Patio Heaters and Fire Pits allow the opportunity to step outside more often.  Of course, lets not plan too far ahead, and remember to enjoy the extra hours of sunlight while we have it!    


After all of your hard work, there has to be time for play!  The Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Camera is sure to capture your longer days with it’s amazingly fast Silent shutter speed of 10 FPS!  If the shutter speed wasn’t enough, the Alpha a7 III has the longest battery life of any mirrorless camera to date, with 710 images on a full charge!  Although you won’t be able to photograph the start of Day Light Savings Time, because it isn’t released until April 10th, pre-orders are available on Best! 


Whatever your plans are for these extended days ahead, know that Best Buy is here to help!  Stop by your Local Store to speak with a Blue Shirt and discover other amazing technology that could assist in your daily routine, freeing up the time that used to be spent working, and leaving you with nothing but rest and relaxation! 

H&R Block Tax SoftwareH&R Block, one of the most trusted names in tax preparation, started back in 1955 when brothers Henry and Richard Bloch started a business to specialize in income tax return preparation. Since its inception, H&R Block has continued to grow, adding more offices throughout the United States.  Keeping up with the times, in 1986 H&R Block was even part of the first successful trial run for electronically filing returns. 


Thor: Ragnarok releases on Blu-ray March 6th!

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎03-04-2018 04:51 PM - edited ‎03-04-2018 04:58 PM

Thor returns with some of our favorite familiar faces including Loki, Hulk and… Jeff Goldblum in space?




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