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Beyond The Blue

A Halloween Poem

by on ‎10-31-2018 12:01 AM

‘Twas Halloween Day,
And all through the store,
The Blue Shirts were preparing
To let customers through the door.




Since rescuing a kitten five months ago, every day has felt like cat day. It didn’t take long for me to understand how people can become obsessed with their fur babies and opt to stay home cuddling them over going out.

Today, October 29, is National Cat Day in the Unites States. While it’s a great excuse to celebrate your furry friends, it’s also a day to consider opening your heart and home to a cat in need. For me, when I met my cat Baymax( who's pictured above) it pet camera.jpgwas like finding an instant best friend who gets to live with me.


Whether you already have a cat(s) to love, or are thinking of adding one to the family, we offer a lot of great products to make the process easier.


If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time being away from your cat while you’re at work and want to know what they’re up to when you’re away. Our PetCube WiFi Pet Camera allows you to watch your cat(s) on your smart phone when you can’t be there. While the adventures you see might be different from the movie The Secret Life of Pets, it will still be quite entertaining.


Life and beer are very similar. 

Chill for best results!

Beer Photo 2.jpg


Beer. It's what's for dinner. Well, maybe not so much. But, this National American Beers Day, it could be! Join us for some fun and read along to discover why American beer is lager than life!


Happy Black Cat Day!

by on ‎10-27-2018 12:01 AM



Some consider them good luck.  Others consider them bad luck.  Some believe that this bad-luck stigma has left an over-abundance of black cats in shelters and foster homes around the country.  To help raise awareness, today we celebrate the wonderful black cats that have left their pawprints on our hearts. =^._.^= ∫



KitchenAid cookies.jpg

October has a lot to love between the trees changing colors, crisp fall air, trick or treating, and all things pumpkin. But did you know that October also has a day just to celebrate your love of all things chocolate? October 28 is National Chocolate Day, and I am extremely excited to spend the day celebrating by eating some of my favorite foods.


There's a new kid in town who's breaking all the rules.


Philips AirFryer.jpgIt's name: The AirFryer


It's mission: Fried-food. Hold the fried, all the flavor.

Read up this National Greasy Foods Day on the new gatchet that's taking the world by storm! 


iScream, youScream, weScream for iPods

by on ‎10-23-2018 08:29 PM

iPod_TouchI'll never forget the first iPod I ever owned. I remember holding the strange rectangular device in my hands, trying to figure out which way I had to run my finger along the circular menu wheel in order to scroll up or down. I probably spent hours fidgeting with the darn thing before I realized how to work it.


Once the hard part was out of the way, I could never listen to music the same way again. Forget CDs and tape players; my trusty iPod Classic could take my favorite tunes along with me wherever I went. 


And, as if that wasn't great enough on its own, it even included a few basic games for me to play on long car rides! But we can't forget the other iPods out there--you guys are special, too.


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