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Which Method of Cooking a Pizza Matches Your Personality?

by on ‎02-09-2019 01:42 PM

I love pizza. I’m a self-proclaimed pizza lover. I eat pizza often. In fact, in college I learned that a human can sustain themselves on pizza alone and that it can be eaten for any meal — even breakfast. Today we celebrate National Pizza Day as if we need a holiday to tell us to eat that wonderful, cheesy goodness.

My vast, storied experience with making and consuming pizza has taught me that there are several ways to cook it. Furthermore, I believe the way you cook your pizza can reveal which personality traits you have. Let’s take a deeper look to find out more about your pizza personality.





You’re an innovator. You look past convention, seeking something much more novel and that’s why you cook your pizza using a BakerStone Stove Top Pizza Oven. Turn up the heat because you like your pizza hot — 750 degrees hot. This is where innovation meets sophistication and you love the porcelain-enameled and refractory stone materials this oven is built from. You also don’t have time. You place this oven right on your stove top, fire it up and have a pizzeria-quality pizza in just 2-4 minutes. The only question is: how do you spend all those minutes you save? 




bella pizza.jpg

Reliability is important to you. You know how you want your pizza cooked and which device will do it, which is why you use a Bella Pizza Oven. With reliability comes flexibility and whether it’s a seven or a 12-inch pizza, fresh or frozen, classic or thin, this oven doesn’t let you down. You don’t appreciate a mess, which is why it includes a removeable crumb tray for quick clean up. Burnt pizza, the worst kind of pizza, is unknown to you because this oven features a cooking timer that automatically shuts off when time is up. You also trust this oven and you don’t need to see inside the windowless box to know your pizza is being cooked to golden perfection. Delizioso! 




samsung range.jpg

You’re a pragmatist. You use tested tools that are readily available to you. That is why you cook your pizza using a Samsung Freestanding Range. Unlike other cooking methods, you don’t have to worry about making too little pizza with this oven. It features 5.8 cubic feet of capacity and has 2 wire oven racks, allowing you to prepare multiple pizzas at once. Your natural curiosity is nourished with this oven’s large window design that allows you to peer inside, watching it cook to perfection. Your mouth waters as you long for a time in the not-so-distant future when your pizza is ready. 





You’re an opportunist. You prefer to take the easy path and would rather have someone else cook your pizza, which is why you use a Domino’s Gift Card. You value convenience and know that this gift card can be redeemed at thousands of locations throughout the United States. You also like having choices, which is why this gift card can be used online, in-store, or over the phone for either carry-out or delivery. The choice is all yours! 



Momma mia! While we learned a lot during this adventure in pizza psychology, the conclusion is that there’s no wrong way to make a pizza. No matter which method you choose, I hope you have a very happy and delicious National Pizza Day. 


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