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We Witch You a Happy Halloween!

by on ‎10-27-2017 09:48 PM

Aside from Christmas, it's safe to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday in the whole world.  After all, it's the one day out of the entire year that you can turn into something that you're usually not!  Although I'm a bit too old to go trick-or-treating (then again, are we ever really too old for anything?) I have a few traditions that I like to celebrate each Halloween weekend—or, as I prefer to call it, "Halloweekend".


ScreamCoverFirst, and most importantly, pick out a solid lineup of scary movies that will keep your skin crawling all Halloweekend long.  Some of my personal favorite scary movies are Cabin in the Woods, the Conjuring and Annabelle series, and the newly-released film Don't Breathe.  However, for those who can't handle the jumps and fright of outright horror films, you can never go wrong with Hocus Pocus or the Hotel Transylvania movies.  Other honorable mentions include the Scream anthology, the Final Destination movies, and the ever-so-gory Saw series.


Second, it's not a real holiday until your entire house is decorated accordingly.  Aside from the usual fall foliage that sits in almost every room, I like to have dishes of candy corn on my living room table, cinnamon or pumpkin-scented candles scattered about randomly, and even some orange ambient lighting in the corners to really set the spooky mood.  Some cobwebs above the fireplace or under the TV (fake ones, of course) can't hurt either.


HalloweenCatFinally, Halloween wouldn't be complete without some good old-fashioned pumpkin carving.  Now, I'm not an artist by any means, but I LOVE getting my hands nice and dirty while de-seeding a pumpkin and completely butchering it (in every sense of the word) while attempting to turn it into a frightening masterpiece.  In years past, I've tried to carve my name, an angry ghost, or even a silhouette of a pumpkin inside of a pumpkin.  This year, however, I chose something much more simple: a cat.  I'm actually allergic to cats and have never owned one before, but it was the easiest yet somewhat original photo that I was confident I could mimic.


Needless to say, my apartment is shaping up to be quite the Halloween spectacular, and I can't wait to see all of the creative costumes my friends and family will pick out! 


Do you have any favorite Halloween traditions?  If so, I want to know!  Tell us all about your spooky plans in the comments below, and have an AHHHmazing Halloween!

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