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Two Pups Later

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎06-19-2016 12:00 AM


I honestly had no idea what I was getting into a year and a half ago, when my girlfriend Heather and I asked her parents to stop at Petco to pick up some food for our cats. We go in, get the cat food, check out, and on our way out of the store we see a man holding a puppy. Heather asks the man if she can pet the puppy he’s holding. The man turns back to her saying you can have her for $100. Heather had been looking for a dog for a while so she got pretty excited by this offer. One hundred dollars later and we were walking right back into Petco with our new puppy to buy dog food and all the other stuff you need to raise a puppy.Garmin Alpha 100 Multidog.jpg


After the first night with our new brindle pup Sibley it was off to the vet for Sibley. Heather comes back from the vet with a perfectly healthy Sibley, and says the vet thinks she’s a Pit Bull Terrier. I’ve loved every Pit Bull Terrier I ever met so I was pretty excited to hear this, but having never owned a Pit Bull Terrier I had no idea how strong she would end up getting.


Six months later, and still enamored with my new pup, I have become a frequent visitor to dog rescue sites as well as the Humane Societies website. One morning while browsing through the pups on the Humane Societies website I see that they have a litter of American Bull Dog mix puppies. So illogical me takes over, and convinces myself that Sibley needs another puppy to play with. Off to the Humane Society we go, and four hours later we are heading home with an eight week old white with spots American Bull Dog mix puppy named Izzy.


Fifty pounds later, and discovering Izzy is also a Pit Bull Terrier (instead of an American Bull Dog mix), I now have two very strong dogs that of course need to be walked every day. Guess who gets to walk them both at the same time? Yep, that’s right I do. When the pavement is dry it can be challenging, but in the winter walking on ice and snow it can be downright dangerous.G-Paws.jpg


I don’t’ know how many times I’ve slipped on the ice while walking them, and thinking to myself what if I was to go to the ground and it caused me to release their leashes. Would they stay by me? What if they were to run off and I couldn’t find them. They are both chipped, but that only works if they end up with the authorities. As any dog owner would tell you the thought of losing your dog is absolutely terrifying.


I’ve often thought it would be cool if they could implant a GPS tracking chip into a dog in order to just track your dog via an app if it got lost. That’s really not possible as GPS does require power to operate. What is possible, and I think I need to finally invest in two of these, are GPS pet tracking devices that generally attach to a dog or cats collar. They range in cost and capability from the $40 G-Paws tracker to the $600 Garmin Apha 100 Mulidog GPS tracking system. I’m probably going with something in the middle and get the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker for both my pups.Whistle.jpg


Here’s to hoping this next winter I don’t slip as much, but if I do I’ll be prepared if Sibley or Izzy somehow get lost in the neighborhood.

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