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Thor: Ragnarok releases on Blu-ray March 6th!

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎03-04-2018 04:51 PM - edited ‎03-04-2018 04:58 PM

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven't seen Thor:Ragnarok yet and want to experience it's full glory, please return to the Bifrost and cross back to Midgard!


After being cast into the far reaches of space by his ruthless sister Hela, Thor has to cross the universe to get home to prevent the destruction of his home and prevent the people of Asgard from a despotic new ruler in Thor Ragnarok. While that may sound dramatic, fear not, this has to be the funniest Marvel movie to date and it's easy to forget that the end of Asgard might be coming.


Directed by the hilarious Taika Waititi (What We Do In the Shadows), Thor Ragnarok is more of a comedy than beat-em-up but keeps the non-stop action that you expect from the God of Thunder. Thor arrives on a alien planet that's more of a junkyard than alien civilization. Quickly showing his prowess in combat, Thor is thrown into a ruthless arena where he must fight against a fearsome monster no one has ever walked away from...good thing it's a friend from work.


If you've been bummed out like me that there hasn't been a solo Hulk movie since Edward Norton's The Incredible Hulk appearance, than you're in for a hulk of a good time. At times it's hard to remember if you're watching a Thor movie or a bizarre buddy cop movie with the great chemistry these two characters have. The Hulk not only finally starts to talk like he has in the comics for years, he steals almost every scene he's in. He gets to take some time off and give Mark Ruffalo, who I must admit is a great Bruce Banner, some screentime after taking an extended vacation at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Are you a fellow behind the scenes fiend? You're in for a treat as with most Marvel releases with a director commentary, 10 year Marvel retrospective, deleted scenes, gag reel and more, you'll be getting more than enough Thor until we see Infinity War this April.


If you want to spruce up your collection and see these epic battles in the best quality possible, pick up the Thor: Ragnarok limited edition SteelBook in 4k, only available at Best Buy. The standard Blu-ray is also available. No matter which version you pick up, a digital copy is included so you can watch on the go, even if you get tossed across the universe.

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