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Spring Break's Over - Start Planning for Next Year

by ‎04-17-2017 04:12 PM - edited ‎05-02-2017 04:25 PM

With the chill of winter finally coming to an end, spring is in the air and that means most of you college kids have come back from your Spring Break vacations! For many, that meant a road trip to somewhere warm and beachy with your friends all packed into a car that was only meant to hold two and could probably hardly make it from point A to point B.

When road tripping with friends, there are a few universal rules based on your position in the car, so choose your spot wisely. First and foremost, the driver’s responsibility is just that – to drive. Getting you to and from your destination without any issues is the only responsibility of the driver while in the car. 


Automatic Pro Car Adapter.jpgHowever, as the driver, you may want to consider a vehicle diagnostic device, as it may certainly save you some time and money should a light on your dash pop on in the middle of nowhere. And if you watch any horror movies that include creepy run down gas stations in the middle of nowhere – it may even consider this to be a life saving device. Should you find yourself in any horror movie type scenarios though, ensuring you have a phone with plenty of battery life left is crucial.


Make sure each person has 3 phone chargers with them. This may seem excessive, but with three, if you lose one, and one breaks or is defective, you’ll still have one left. You’ll also want to consider portable chargers or battery packs, as the car is likely to only have so many power sources. You may check out our car chargers here and charging cables for various phones here.


Check out all of our car and travel accessories for phones here

The person in the passenger seat will be the designated navigator and DJ. But remember this caveat – the driver still gets to pick the music, you just handle the controls, unless the driver is that trusting in your DJ skills. Here is where you’ll want to make sure you have a separate GPS system, so that you’re not sucking up all the data on your phone plan. Garmin and TomTom are two pretty common brands, but you can check all of our portable GPS systems.


GPS.jpgAs for the tunes the passenger will be in charge of, you’ll want to check with the driver about the connections available in their vehicle. Does their radio have an aux input or connect via Bluetooth? Who has Spotify Premium and unlimited data? Perhaps it’s an older car and only has a CD player, or –gasp- a cassette player (if you don’t know what that is, Google it). All very important details. Nonetheless, you’ll want to check out what connections are available so you’ll know how you’ll be connecting to keep your friends entertained along the way.  Check out the various smartphone and iPod car connectors here


Now, if you find yourself in the backseat, you’ve got it made. Mostly, you can nap freely, but you do have some duties. Not only are you in charge of distributing snacks, but you’re in charge of reminding everyone that you should all probably consume something closer to real food than just snacks and energy drinks if you’re traveling a long way.

If you and your friends follow these rules, it should make sure an easy and awesome road trip for Spring Break!

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