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Pre-camping checklist Solar Eclipse 2017

by on ‎07-10-2017 03:30 PM


Is your car ready to go?

Driving to some of these remote destinations you are bound to experience long droughts of music along the way, but not to worry, many cars nowadays at least have an “aux” input.iSimple Blujax.jpg


The iSimple Blujax is a cost-effective way to stream your music using Bluetooth, and it’s plug and play, with no installation required!  If you have more time to plan you could visit your local Best Buy to speak with a Geek Squad Autotech, or any Blue Shirt, about our great deals being offered every day in our Connected Car department! Binoculars.jpg



Dress for Success!

Of course we don’t mean clothes!  I’m talking about what are you accessorizing with while strolling around these national monuments? If you aren’t into the sounds of nature, pop in some in-ear headphones allowing you to listen to your favorite music while looking around.  Binoculars are great to throw around your neck also so you don’t find yourself being unable to look at something spectacular in the distance.  Many people are gearing up for the total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, and be sure to see all the ways to prepare for this phenomena!Go Pro Hero 5.jpg



Don’t forget to pack a camera!

The sun is up, the birds are chirping, and you unzip the tent to see nature all around, but did you pack anything to record with?  Having a camera with you like a GoPro Hero 5 will ensure you don’t settle for the quality of a cell phone, but more importantly their rugged design allows you to capture all activities wherever you venture.  In the water, on land, attached to a bike, or on your body, these cameras will handle whatever you can throw at them while shooting in 4K.


If you find yourself taking a lot of photographs with a DSLR or cell phone, check out this video HERE to pick up some basics for capturing the best photo of the solar eclipse!Cobra Jumpack.jpg


Did you plan for the worst?

Want to connect and share all day long, well this is a possibility if you pack a Cobra Jumpack.  Save yourself the heartache of missing special moments because of a dead battery.  This portable device will be a hit with your friends who forgot that there are no charging stations in nature!  It’s slim portable design is small enough to pack in your glovebox or carry in your pack without having to sacrificing space.  Oh No!  You left the lights on, and now your car battery is dead, but good thing you brought the Jumpack with you, this charger has the ability to jump start a cars battery in case of emergency, while boasting a 3A USB charging port also.


Finally, when the day is done!

If you happen be someone lucky enough to visit a national park when the solar eclipse comes through, you can rest easy knowing you purchased all your technology at Best Buy.  These products cannot ensure your trip will not have obstacles along the way that you must overcome, but it’s a good start to making sure you are as ready as you’ll ever be.  The journey will take you where you want to go, be open to explore where your heart guides you, and capture it’s wonder however you choose.  There will come a time where you are besides yourself, and it’s at that humbling moment where you realize this land is beautiful, these are Americas National Monuments!


Check out another Check-list: Written by Shane Kitzman

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