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Next Stop: the Twilight Zone!

by on ‎05-11-2018 10:11 AM

RodSterling_twilightzoneName a horror film, and there’s a good chance I can tell you how it ends. Not many people share my affinity for watching scary movies in dark rooms late at night (perhaps because that’s generally never a good sign if you’re actually in a scary movie), but there’s something insatiable about being kept on the edge of your seat for an entire two-hour film.


Over the last few decades, the line between horror and sci-fi has been blurred, as seen in post-apocalyptic films such as Alien or Cloverfield. Many critics credit the sci-fi/horror blend to producer Rod Sterling’s classic TV show The Twilight Zone. Originally airing on CBS from 1959 to 1964, this revolutionary television series presented viewers with paranormal and futuristic events, something that had rarely been seen in a show before. What began as a controversial anthology series turned into one of Hollywood’s most well-known shows to ever hit the airwaves. In fact, TV Guide has it ranked as #26 in The 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.


TwilightZone_blurayEach year on May 11, Twilight Zone Day is celebrated by remembering the first-of-its-kind show that captivated the world's attention where seemingly nothing was what it seemed to be. Perhaps the best part about Twilight Zone Day is there’s no wrong way to celebrate it. For those die-hard Twilight Zone aficionados out there, it’s always a good time to re-watch episodes from this classic series. In fact, you can snag the entire series on Blu-Ray or DVD at Best Buy.  Newer fans who are just getting their feet wet in the horror genre should give the show a chance, too; everyone is welcome here! Order a pizza, turn the lights down low, and prepare yourself.


“You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

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