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New Year's Resolution

by on ‎01-25-2019 04:44 PM

The Holidays have come and gone and the New Year is in full swing. Along with that comes New Year’s Resolutions! There are so many things that people aim to change or accomplish with the new calendar year. Mine is to eat more salads and veggies, which I’m sure is a widespread goal that many people hope to accomplish. Hopefully they are doing better than me, we’re almost through January and my salad count is at a big fat zero.


One common resolution I’ve seen has been making more ‘Me Time’. I know most people live a very busy life, that often lKegerator.jpgeads to them not taking enough time to themselves. In a lot of cases, people don’t even realize that they never have any time for themselves. One way you can enjoy some me time is to sit back with a glass of wine, watch your show of choice, or read your favorite book. And the wine tastes even better when it’s purified by the . You can also substitute that glass of wine with an ice cold beer fresh from the tap of this Insignia Kegerator. My personal favorite to keep on tap is Red Stripe, Hooray Beer!


Another common resolution I’ve been hearing a lot about is to read more. I have never really been that big of a fan of reading, neither for school or for fun. I would much rather watch the movie that they made from the book, haha. One thing I might be able to get into is listening to audiobooks. Maybe having a Kindle where I can take a library of book options with me on the go would motivate me to read more in my spare time.


A lot of very widespread New Year’s Resolutions revolve around fitness and getting into better shape. I have been trying to get back into shape myself over the past few months and the New Year gives me more motivation to keep going! I also have started wearing an Apple Watch to work out and I have been absolutely loving it! It’s a workout buddy, trainer, motivator, monitor, and so much more all on your wrist! I was a bit weary to get one because I was concerned about theApple Watch.jpg comfort when working out. I can say that it has been awesome! Its super lightweight and it doesn’t slip or slide, nor pinch by my hand when I bend my wrist. I also love that it keeps track of all my activity through the day and even reminds me to get off my butt when I’ve been sitting too long!


A resolution that can be somewhat related to fitness is cooking. Many people aim to cook more eat out less, and eat healthier, fresher food. I’m a huge fan of cooking at home! It’s always fun to challenge yourself and create in the kitchen. This often times can lead to a healthier and cheaper meal than you Air fryer.jpgwould get when eating out at a restaurant. You can also meal prep, which saves money and is super convenient for busy people. My girlfriend recently got the Insignia Pressure Cooker which allows us to make so many dishes so much quicker! It has been an awesome addition to the kitchen. Another healthier option I’ve been looking into is air frying instead of deep frying in the Insignia Air Fryer. I’m a guy that loves French fries, tater tots, and anything fried, which makes getting in shape a bit harder. I’ve been hoping that with this, I’ll be able to enjoy those things in a healthier way.


Whatever your New Year’s Resolution is, there is something out there that can help you stay on track and achieve your goal. Good luck to all those who read this and keep on going! Happy late New Year! 



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