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National Cat Day: Celebrate Your Furry Friends!

by on ‎10-29-2018 01:33 PM



Since rescuing a kitten five months ago, every day has felt like cat day. It didn’t take long for me to understand how people can become obsessed with their fur babies and opt to stay home cuddling them over going out.

Today, October 29, is National Cat Day in the Unites States. While it’s a great excuse to celebrate your furry friends, it’s also a day to consider opening your heart and home to a cat in need. For me, when I met my cat Baymax( who's pictured above) it pet camera.jpgwas like finding an instant best friend who gets to live with me.


Whether you already have a cat(s) to love, or are thinking of adding one to the family, we offer a lot of great products to make the process easier.


If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time being away from your cat while you’re at work and want to know what they’re up to when you’re away. Our PetCube WiFi Pet Camera allows you to watch your cat(s) on your smart phone when you can’t be there. While the adventures you see might be quite different from the movie The Secret Life of Pets, it will still be quite entertaining.


Along with video, the PetCube WiFi Pet Camera has audio both ways so you can speak to your furry friend and hear them meowing back at you. The PetCube also has the option to dispense treats when they’re doing well. You can control when the treat dispenses by using your phone or set it up to give them a treat every day at a certain time.


cat food dispensor.jpgDo you want to make sure your cat has the food it needs, but don’t enjoy getting woken up at 3 am because their food dish is empty? Our PetNet SmartFeeder automatically provides your cat with the best portion for their size, age and breed so you know they’re getting all the nutrients they need. The PetNet App will also recommend the best food for every portion of their lives so your fluff nugget can stay as healthy as possible.


When you add an adorable fur ball in to the mix, it’s important to have the right hoover vaccum.jpgvacuum so you can be a crazy cat lady (or cat man), but still have people come over without thinking a fur monster took over your home. My apartment doesn’t have a lot of extra storage space, which is why Hoover’s Fusion Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum was the perfect choice for me. It effortlessly picks up fur, and its sleek design makes it easy to hide away in a closet without taking up a lot of space.


Sims cats.jpgIf you’re on the fence about getting a cat and enjoy playing Sims, I recommend getting the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.  Once you see how much having a cat enriches your Sims’ life you’ll want to make the game a reality and adopt a cat of your own. 


Plus if you already have a cat what better way to honor them than to have a virtual pet like them in Sims to keep you company? 


Please feel free to send in photos of your cat friends in the comments section below!


Happy National Cat Day!

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