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My Deployment ‘Gotta Have It’ List - #7

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎05-02-2019 03:32 PM - edited ‎05-10-2019 04:39 PM

What do you do to wind down at the end of a long day? Pour a very large glass of wine? Bubble bath? Both?


While these options sound amazing, I know I’m not going to have the ability to do these kinds of things while deployed overseas. Luckily, what I usually look forward to is simply enjoying the next (four) episodes of whatever series I’m hooked on. Easy enough!


When I’m gone, I'll truly realize how spoiled I was back home having my Roku device with Netflix, Hulu, and other channels to enjoy. While I would ideally have an iPad or Tablet (covered in #6 on my list) where I could download apps to stream movies and shows, I don’t mind going old school and watching something from my collection of DVDs. It’s nice to also have this option for when Wi-fi is unavailable.


Insignia Portable DVD Player.jpg

Over the years I’ve acquired a nice assortment of movies, ranging from my beloved Jim Carrey flicks to teenage classics that I can pull quotes from like no other. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to pack my DVD/Blu-ray player and flat screen TV along with my movies, but thankfully Best Buy has an alternative option that would work: portable DVD and Blu-ray players!


How perfect, right?! I can choose from a variety of brands and screen sizes to find just what I want for my travel needs. And while I’m picking this up or adding it to my cart online, I’ll take a look at Best Buy’s new releases and DVDs less than $5 and treat myself.


To avoid taking up tons of space with DVD/Blu-ray movies in their packaging, I’d definitely put the disks into a CD wallet. This brings me back to my high school days where I thought I was super cool and would burn tons of CDs to play in my car. I’m thankful for the CD wallet I had in there, otherwise those now-slightly-embarrassing mixes would have been scattered all over the place!

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