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My Deployment ‘Gotta Have It’ List - #6

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎04-28-2019 11:37 AM - edited ‎04-28-2019 11:40 AM

Wi-Fi is a beautiful thing, and I know I’m going to have a whole new appreciation for it when I’m deployed overseas in a just few short months. While I’m not totally sure what to expect on my first deployment, I do know I should have access to Wi-Fi most evenings, and I’ll be itching to get in touch with people back home.


The first item on my list to kick of this deployment series was a digital voice recorder. The idea behind this was to carry a piece of home with me, and access recordings of my loved ones wherever I went. Well, if you throw Wi-Fi into the mix, I’m definitely going to try and video chat my friends and family. That being said, having an iPad/Tablet would be ideal for this kind of real-time connection when it’s available. Luckily, Best Buy has a plethora of options for these when it comes to sizes, storage capacity, and brand.


I’ve mentioned in a few of my blogs that I’ll be traveling often during my deployment and living out of bags for six months. This means size matters with things I bring, and the smaller the better! That’s why bringing an iPad or Tablet would be ideal compared to the current laptop I have. I’ll be able to use this to not only stay connected, but also to watch shows and movies, play games, and read books (I’d still love to bring a Kindle, which was #4 on my list!). Also, the battery life is incredible on these things. And when I’d eventually need a quick charge, I’d have the handy products listed in my third blog for this!


Well, I’m about halfway through my list of things I’d like to bring with me on my deployment. Even though these items are all small and easy to travel with, I’m still hoping I have enough room in my bags for this growing list of gadgets!

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