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My Deployment 'Gotta Have It' List - #3

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎03-21-2019 03:04 PM - edited ‎03-21-2019 03:12 PM

Staying Charged


Before I deploy this summer, I want to make sure I have all of my bases covered. This includes having aspects of my home life in order, taking care of things in my personal life, and making sure I have everything I need for the journey ahead. The first two things on my ‘Gotta Have It’ list are a digital recorder and different kinds of headphones. While this is a solid start, I need to make sure I don’t overlook packing a very important item that could render my list useless.


Insignia Travel Charger Kit.jpg

Have you ever forgotten to bring your phone charger with you to work or away for the weekend? Yeah, same. So we all know how much of a bummer and inconvenience this can be. I’m trying not to run into low battery issues while overseas, because I probably won’t be wanting to add any more stress to my life (who ever does?). That being said, I’ve carefully selected two products from Best Buy that would leave me worry-free when it comes to charging my phone, digital recorder, headphones, and other items on my list I’ll be revealing over the next few months.


First up is the Insignia charging kit, which allows me to connect to different ports for power among multiple devices. This would be perfect for my long travel days on planes, trucks, and busses. It even comes in a compact carrying case!


Anker Portable Charger.jpg

Now, if I’m looking to pack extra power, the two-port Anker PowerCore power bank is small, durable and can charge my iPhone up to seven times. It also works up to 80% faster than conventional chargers, is extreme temperature tested, and its system prevents damage from surges and short circuits. This would definitely hold up well in the conditions I might face overseas and all of the traveling I’ll be doing.


Even if you’re not traveling overseas or far away from home for that matter, a portable charger or charger travel kit are almost a necessity in my opinion! You never know how your day will go and when you’ll need saving from that dreaded low battery notification.

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