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My Deployment 'Gotta Have It' List - #2

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎02-03-2019 04:51 PM - edited ‎02-03-2019 05:00 PM

My Own Headspace


Last week I introduced my blog series relating to a new adventure I’ll be gearing up for in the next few months. I will be deploying overseas with the Air Force this upcoming summer, and with that comes a lot of preparation. There are a lot of checklists to complete leading up to my deployment relating to turning in paperwork and completing various trainings. The military does a great job of preparing us for our travels and work, while I find myself creating checklists of my own regarding personal and home life. With this comes my ‘gotta have it’ list to include things I can bring with me to make this deployment transition and lifestyle change easier.


The first item I wrote about on my list was a digital voice recorder (check out what I had to say about these here). I highlighted two recorders that Best Buy sells due to their small size, easy use, and battery life. I also mentioned how these recorders have headphone jacks, which means I can keep the embarrassing stories my family and friends might reminisce about to myself as I play them.


Well, that means I’d need a decent pair of headphones, and Best Buy has hundreds to choose from! It’s almost a little overwhelming trying to figure out which ones to get, but when I think about the kind of environment I’ll be in and the various activities I’ll need them for, I was able to narrow it down to a few.

QuietComfort 20.jpg

In addition to using headphones with a recorder to hear my loved ones, I’d also want these as a form of escape. An escape from the potential craziness around me and the lack of alone time I will experience. That being said, I definitely would want a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I’ve never been a huge fan of the over-the-ear kind, and due to packing and traveling reasons on a deployment, larger headphones might not be the best idea if I’m wanting to save space. Luckily, there are tons of other in-ear headphone options to choose from at Best Buy.


First up, Bose’s first in-ear noise cancelling headphones: QuietComfort 20. These would fit securely in my ears with the StayHear ear tips, and the aware mode feature would allow me to remain conscious of my surroundings without removing the headphones. What’s also ideal is its rechargeable battery, which allows for use even when the battery is dead.


Sony 1000X True Wireless.jpg

What isn’t totally ideal about these headphones is that they are not wireless. So, they’d be perfect for down time at night listening to music or recordings, but when I’m at the gym I definitely need wireless. I try to go to the gym five to six times a week, and plan on continuing this routine during my deployment. So for workout purposes, I definitely have my eye on the Sony 1000X True Wireless headphones. I’d also be able to control what I’d hear with the easy to adjust sound modes, and the nine hours of battery life with the charging case is ideal (also, 15 minutes of charging gives you 75 minutes of listening!).


Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds.jpg

Now that I have headphones covered for use while I’m awake, what about when I’m sleeping? Seems unnecessary, but in a deployed environment I’m not sure if there will be constant noise at night when I’m going to need my beauty rest. This is where the Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds might come in handy. I didn’t even know this was a thing, and after reading up on it I feel like I would use these every night. These wireless sleepbuds are pre-loaded with 10 soothing sounds that cover up unwanted noises at night and help you fall and stay asleep. They’re also made to stay in place all night long, which is great since I always sleep on my side. And just like with the Sony headphones mentioned earlier, the charge on these are awesome with up to 16 hours of use off one charge, and the compact case even provides one full charge without having to plug them in.


So it looks like I’m set in the “tune everyone and everything” out department, thanks to these great options plus more at Best Buy. Of course, you don’t need to be deploying to put these great headphone options to use!


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