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May the Fourth (Be With You)!

by ‎05-04-2019 06:00 AM - edited ‎05-10-2019 03:16 PM

blog pic 5 (2).pngNot so long ago, in my small, country hometown that is not so far away, I got a very important message. mtf blog image 1.jpgAll the message contained was an image of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray and the message, “Merry Christmas.” This was 2012, and I had just acquired a Blu-ray player solely for the purpose of being able to watch my favorite collection of all time, along with the additional never-before released audio commentary for each movie, interviews with the cast and crew, and over 90 minutes of additional content. I had started saving, but with Christmas right around the corner, I hadn’t accumulated much. However, I did happen to have a best friend who knew me very well and supported my love for all things sci-fi, especially Star Wars.


While that was a special Star Wars holiday for me personally, today is a holiday that all fans of the franchise can celebrate together; Happy May the Fourth! Every year, my friends, and other fans alike, send each other Star Wars themed greetings and are reminded of how the blog pic 2 (2).pngsaga has influenced us and our friendships. As younglings, my friend Hannah and I would have the best sleepovers. We went all out with pillow forts and cookie dough every time. However, we always aimed to turn our sleepovers into all-nighters, and we relied on Star Wars to keep us up and entertained. At the time, neither of us personally owned any of the movies, so we would head down to the local library, where we were each allowed to check out three VHS tapes. She would check out the original trilogy, and I would grab the newer ones. When we came home from school on a rainy day, we would play Lego Star Wars. As we grew older, we even cosplayed as our favorite characters from the saga for conventions, and made special trips to meet our favorite actors and actress. As we have grown, Star Wars has grown with us. For over 40 years, the franchise has shaped pop culture and inspired millions. I have never been able to hide my love for all things Star Wars, and now there is even more to love!


From new editions to the Saga, including the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, to amazing Lego sets, to Funko Pops, and awesome new games like Star blog pic 3 (2).pngWars: Battlefront II, there is something Star Wars for everyone to enjoy. Whether you have been a fan of the franchise since a long time ago, or you are a new explorer of this galaxy far, far away, may the fourth be with you as you celebrate today and create your own intergalactic memories.


I am currently celebrating by listening to the Star Wars motion picture soundtrack on vinyl while texting my friends every Star Wars gif I can find. While we may not be able to pull an all-nighter blog pic 4 (2).pngwatching every movie of the saga today, Star Wars still finds ways to bring us together.


How are you celebrating this May the Fourth?

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