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Love is in the air!

by ‎02-14-2017 11:19 AM - edited ‎02-14-2017 04:13 PM

It’s that time of year where the world slows down for a bit and we are all reminded about the friends and family we love. Cast your mind back to middle school. Valentine’s Day quickly coming up and you’re at home with your SpongeBob cards writing every one of your classmates names on them making sure you spend a little extra time on one for that special someone. You remember it being a hit and they loved your card! Fast forward to today, while that card was one for the brag folder, it’s time to up the ante and really wow them.


If you’re like many others (including myself) who have waited until the last minute to plan that wonderful day that his or her friends will be asking about  have no fear, Best Buy is here! Bookmark this page because I’m about to walk you through how to make February 14th hotter than a Krabby Patty fresh off the grill.


There’s nothing better in my mind than winding down after a home cooked meal or a romantic dinner with curling up on the couch with your significant other and watching a movie. Here’s a few suggestions that can take your evening from wonderful to absolutely memorable.



The Phillips Hue lights can take any room in your home and completely transform the atmosphere. They replace your standard A19 household bulb and integrate a world of technology at your fingertips. With the free Hue app for Android or IOS you can have complete control of the millions of color options, and intensity of the glow. Since it utilizes LED technology it consumes less electricity than your traditional bulb and operates much cooler.






A movie isn’t complete without popcorn! We’re not talking about the in the bag, hope you don’t burn it, looks like there’s more kernels left in here more than anything else kind of treat. A dedicated popcorn maker is a great addition to any home. This Nostalgia Electrics Stirring Popcorn Maker takes all the guess work out making the perfect batch. If we live in a world where you can video chat with your pet via Wi-Fi and feed them treats remotely (review coming later) I think it’s about time we can make popcorn without the hassle of those prepackaged bags that feel like a sauna when you open them. This self-stirring miracle makes sure it pops as many kernels as possible and the lid doubles as a bowl! Welcome to the future my friends.


We have the lights, the snacks, but how about the movie?! The bow on the entire evening is making sure you pick one that is going to earn you some laughs, tears, and smiles. I’m talking about the tried and true, romantic comedy.  Here are a couple of my personal favorites that have earned themselves a spot on my guilty pleasures movie list.


the holiday.jpg




What do you get when you mix the holiday season with no one to spend it with and a cross continental last minute vacation? The answer is a great story for this movie, The Holiday. So many amazing actors and actresses brought together to show that love absolutely can be found in the most unexpected places.








this means war.jpg





For an all-out people pleaser This Means War is an amazing combination of romance, comedy, and action. Taking the CIA’s two best agents who happen to be best friends come to find out they are dating the same girl. There’s tons of energy and comedy to fuel the entire movie and keep everyone smiling!








Congratulations, you have successfully pulled off Valentine’s Day like a champion and it’s one for the books. Your significant other will be in awe over all the effort you put into turning a regular movie night, into a weekly event. Now, time to dim the lights, the next movie is starting.


Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


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