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Lefthanders Day- Why Everyone Should Want To Be Left-Handed

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎08-08-2018 03:37 PM - edited ‎08-08-2018 04:04 PM


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Lefthanders Day- Why Everyone Should Want To Be Left-Handed


Lefthanders Day, which is on August 13, started twenty-nine years ago as a way to bring attention to the difficulties lefties face living in a world that was not designed for us. Although being left-handed comes with its own struggles such as smearing everything you write, awkward handshakes, having everything you cut look like a three year old got ahold of scissors, and bumping elbows with anyone who is bold enough to sit next to you, being left-handed should be something to rejoice.  


Here’s some things to celebrate about being left handed:


  • We are better at 3D perceptions and thought processing. (Is this really a surprise given years of outside the box thinking to make right handed products work for us?)
  • Lefties are more likely to go in to a creative field, such as the arts or music.
  • It is believed that all polar bears are southpaws, as well as 50% of cats so we’re in excellent and very cute company.
  • We make up just 10% of the world’s population and it’s been that way for thousands of years.
  • Despite the struggles we have faced, like having left being associated with evil or wrong in multiple languages and cultures (it’s gone so far that there is a phobia of left-handed people and things being to the left called sinistrophobia), leaders throughout history are more likely to be lefties.
  • You are more likely to get the full experience out of a haunted house. The right side of the brain that tends to be dominant in people who use their left hand, is more involved in fear responses. 
  • Twins are twice as likely to be left handed, so don't give up on your dream that you'll run in to your twin at summer camp. Or am I the only one still hoping The Parent Trap could happen to them?
  • Being left handed used to be associated with being a witch or warlock. They might not have meant it in a fun way, but I know a lot of fellow lefties just got up to see if their Hogwarts letter arrived.

Despite the many reasons why you should be proud to be left-handed, there are still hurdles we need to jump through, such as having more products designed specifically for us.  Something as simple as having a left-handed mouse can make a big difference in your everyday experience.


Whether it’s treating yourself, or wanting to make life easier for a left-handed loved one, these are some great options to feel like the world is moving in the left direction.


 Adesso left mouse.jpg


Left handed Mouse:


In the comments below, I would love to hear your favorite left-handed facts and stories! 

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