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It's the Summer Games...and I feel fine!

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist ‎08-14-2016 12:00 AM - edited ‎08-15-2016 10:22 AM

It's the Summer Games!

Well folks, it’s almost that time of the year again, where we are inundated with commercials that feature companies that sponsor our Summer Games athletes. Smiley Wink 


But in all seriousness, the Summer Games in general brings about thoughts of superhumanly fast swimmers, runners and in general, amazingly talented athletes competing for the pride of their nation (and hopefully some lucrative endorsement deals eventually). Smiley Tongue


While I’m more of a fan of the Winter Games (hockey is the king!), I do enjoy watching the Summer Games from time to time.  Generally, I’ll hear about some rivalry between a couple of the athletes and that will spark my interest enough to catch their head to head competitions.  I mean, who can forget the competition in the last games between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte?  Or how the women’s gymnastics team took gold and helped create a internet meme based on one facial expression from McKayla Maroney that went around the world?


I also distinctly remember the US swim team’s music video that helped implant “Call Me Maybe” that much further into everyone’s skull (sorry if I started you singing it again and I’ll let you look up the video if you want.  Hint: you can find it here). 


Throughout the years, there have been incredible successes from US athletes at the summer games.  Names like Mark Spitz, who one seven gold medals in swimming; or Carl Lewis, who won 9 gold medals in a number of track events over an incredible four summer games competitions!  Then there was Mary Lou Retton, who became the first American woman to earn a gold in gymnastics!  How about Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals at Berlin in 1936, despite a games riddled with Nazi propaganda promoting the Aryan master race as superior? 


But the role-call doesn't stop there when you can include Cassius Clay (before he changed his name to Muhammad Ali), Greg Louganis, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Florence Griffith-Joyner, all the way up to Michael Phelps and Mia Hamm, they’ve all been at the top of their games when it counted.


Here’s hoping that we continue that tradition of greatness in 2016 during the Rio games!


What are your favorite Summer Games moments?

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